Saturday, August 16, 2008

Man Missing After Spying On Area51

The family of a man missing since Wednesday has received letters he sent the same day outlining his plan to remotely infiltrate the infamous Area51. David Koln said in his letter he was ready to launch a aerial drone, he built himself and would remotely controlled from over the Internet. Supposedly the drone had satellite up link to the Internet, a camera and recording capabilities, able to upload its feed to a physical hard drive somewhere. Thats the last piece of information received from Mr, koln before his disappearance.

“Were not sure what has happened to him.” said Marcie Koln, David's sister. “We think he might have been successful and is now in government hands. But theres been no disclosure as of yet from any government source.”

It is widely known that the laws governing the privacy of Area51 are so strict that the government can apprehend and hold people for indefinite lengths of time if they are suspected of trespassing.

David Koln's neighbor, Kelsy Havlant said “there was a noisy disturbance early Thursday morning at David's apartment. When I opened my front door to the hallway, all I saw were black masked men, like swat officers going in and out of his apartment. I really didn't want to get involved at that point, so I closed my door.”

If in fact the government is holding David Koln, and he did violate laws about Area51 and its top secret projects then they have a right to bring him to justice, but they don't have a right to just lock him away somewhere and forget him without court proceedings.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Bigfoot Body Stolen By Fanatics!

The two men, Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, who claimed to have the carcass of a Bigfoot in their freezer, are now saying the body has be stolen by psycho Bigfoot fanatics. “We went to the undisclosed location last night to collect some more hair samples and take more pictures, for the Palo Alto press conference this morning, and it was gone.” A police report stated there was some evidence of a breaking and entering at the residence, but what was claimed as stolen was not listed.

Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer claimed to have found the body of a Bigfoot in a remote Georgia location last month. They said they were followed by at least 3 more bigfoots as they dragged the carcass from the bush and loaded in on their flatbed truck. “Man was I scared” Rick Dyer said. “We were dragging this stinky carcass through the bush and these things were following us and seemed to be very upset at what we were doing. I just needed to get the hell out of there.” he said.

Theres much skepticism about their story recently and the recent event being told about the body being stolen isn't helping it at all. Self-styled Sasquatch seeker Tom Biscard, said he saw the thing in the two men's freezer and “its the real deal, let me tell you.” he was quoted as saying.

To say the least there was no evidence presented at the Palo Alto press conference.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Mothman Sightings In Kentucky

Theres been a new wave of Mothman sightings in the small town of Pikeville, KY. More than seven eye witnesses have came forward with bizarre stories of encounters with the bird man creature. Helen Bevel said she was walking her dog at about 10 pm on Tuesday night (8/12/2008) when her dog stopped dead in its tracks after sensing something. After a few short minutes a tall bird like creature stumbled from the bushes, she said. "It stopped and looked straight at me. It had giant red glowing eyes, and must have been over seven feet tall. I ran as fast as I could back to the house with the dog howling the whole way." Ms Bevel said.

Later that night Zane Wilson a local deputy with the sheriffs department said he noticed what appeared to be a very tall man standing next to the road. "I stopped the cruiser and approached slowly. When the thing turned around it had piercing red eyes and extended some wing type structure which looked to be a span of more than ten feet. I unholstered my firearm and the thing started to walk towards me in a clumsy gate." Deputy Wilson said. "I told it to stop and when it didn't I emptied my revolver into its chest. I never even saw any indication of the rounds impacting. I couldn't get back to my car fast enough and get the hell out of there." the deputy still looked quit shaken while repeating his story.

Harley Foster said on Wednesday morning around 2am he was investigating some commotion out near his barn when he saw the creature. "It looked like some kind of big bird or something. The damn thing started to chase me. It was bobbing its head back and forth and hooting at me as I ran back to the house to get my rifle. It was gone when I returned. I don't know what the hell it was, but it seemed really pissed off." Mr. Foster was quoted as saying.

The Mothman became famous after it made headlines for numerous sightings in Point Pleasant, WV. during the summer of 1966. Point Pleasant is only about 100 miles north east of Pikeville. Sightings of a giant bird-man type creature have been around since ancient times and always described as a harbinger of future bad events in the area of sightings. The Silver Bridge collapsed killing 46 people in December 1966 in Point Pleasant. The Mothman was said to have been seen just prior to the collapse standing near the top of the bridge. After the tragedy the sightings mysteriously stopped.

The descriptions and drawings given in this latest rounds of sightings are eerily similar to the Point pleasant sightings.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

China Admits to Genetic Alterations

Although it is not helping them any in the swim events for the Olympics, China admitted this morning at an international press conference that one of its athletes has been genetically altered. China admitted that, Xue Xiin, competing in the Women's 400m Freestyle, had fish DNA spliced into her genetic profile.

"We were able to web her feet sufficiently to bring her speed up. But it doesn't look like it was enough." Zhang Qiuping, vice-director of the Chinese Swimming Association (CSA) said.

"Unfortunately because of the admission, Xue Xiin, was disqualified from further Olympic competition." Zhang said. "But it gave us a foot in the door for future genetic testing on athletes."

When asked about the moral implications of the procedure on humans, Zhang was quoted as saying. "This is China! Not the USA. Our citizens and athletes are expected to do whats necessary for the well being of their country."

Some have speculated that the genetic alterations was the start of a military program aimed at producing highly specialized soldiers. Soldiers with reptilian DNA for example would be able to function at a higher efficiency in a jungle environment, the same for fish DNA spliced soldiers in an aquatic environment.

The Chinese government declined to comment on the possibility of genetically altered soldiers.