Friday, August 20, 2010

Preserved Nazi Corpse Discovered At Sea

A fishing trawler's nets, in the frigid North Atlantic, has came up with more than just fish it seems. When the main nets were hoisted aboard the ship “Blue Gull”, the crewmen discovered something about six feet long and bright red, a source said. “At first all I saw was something red and oblong” Daniel Prish said. “I told the others to go slow and open the net gently. What I saw astonished me. A Nazi swastika emblazoned on a bright red flag was staring at me. The first thing I thought was how pristine, and in perfect condition it looked. When I went to grab it I could tell right away what it was. It was obvious at that point that it was a body.”

Prish went on to describe how they carefully unwrapped the the 65 year old Nazi flag and found the corpse of a Nazi sailor who had been buried at sea with full honors. Reports from various fisherman on board said it was perfectly preserved by the frigid water of the North Atlantic. Josh Campbell reported that it looked like it had been wrapped and thrown into the ocean the day before. The corpse was complete with uniform, medals, facial and scalp hair intact.

“It really creeped me out at first as the eyes were open and milky white staring right at me, and the skin had a grayish blue color to it” Campbell said.

The coast guard was called as per maritime law and the corpse and flag were all turned over to some very astonished servicemen. Its unclear at this point what happened to the body, and the Coast Guard isn't forth coming with any information as of yet about the incident except to confirm a body was retrieved from the fishing vessel “Blue Gull.”