Wednesday, October 8, 2008

US Scientist Destroys "Instant Addiction Technology"

US scientist Kevin Havershum in a statement to the press has announced he has destroyed all research involved in the “instant addiction technology” he stumbled upon a month ago. Mr. Havershum while working on narrow high band frequency research last month made an unexpected discovery involving exposing a certain region of the brain to a very narrow high band frequency wave that caused a seemingly non reversible instant addiction to the process. In a statement to the international press Mr. Havershum was quoted as saying:

“As humans we use approximately only 10-15% of our brain. The other 85-90% of the brain is totally uncharted territory. By accidentally bombarding a certain region of a human brain we discovered that the narrow high band frequency we have been using for research stimulated that region and seemed to have caused an instant addiction, which appears to be totally non reversible. The individual who was accidentally exposed reverted to an almost comatose state without the direct stimulation taking place. It became clear very rapidly to the research team that this discovery is very dangerous and could be used as an extremely destructive weapon. I therefore as the head of the research team decided that all data and research material involved in the discovery was to be destroyed immediately. Since then I have been contacted by the CIA, NSA, Homeland Security, Department of Defense, and all four branches of the military. I can tell you they are very upset with our decision to destroy the information.”

Mr. Havershum continued to say that he is very upset about the affected researcher and vows that he will receive every effort possible to reverse the affects, by myself and the team.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Small French Town Discovers 43 Graves Dug Up

The small French town of Gien, located about 75 miles south of Paris woke on October 2nd to find that 43 graves in the local cemetery had been dug up and the bodies were all missing. The cemetery care taker said in over 40 years he has never seen anything so disturbing.

“I got to the cemetery at about 8am as I usually do and looking over across the grave sites in a section of the park I noticed a mound of dirt that wasn't there the night prior. When I walked up on it, it was a freshly dug up grave and the casket looked as if it had been ripped open. I was totally stunned. When I looked up I noticed at least 5 more mounds of dirt around the park. I immediately went to the office and phoned the police. After they came we toured the whole of the cemetery and counted 43 open graves with the caskets all opened and the bodies missing. It would have taken a large number of people to do all this in one night and there were no signs of large equipment, like tire tracks or anything like that. Who in the hell would wanna do something like this!” the caretaker was quoted as saying.

The cemetery was closed down for 2 days for the police investigation. The strangest finding to the investigation revealed that all the missing corpses had died within a year of each other between 1994-95. Police are not too forth coming with information at this point pending notification of relatives.

In another strange report about the incident the caretaker of the cemetery said he personally knew one of the missing deceased. He stated when he approached the wife of the deceased man later that day and told her. She turned white as a sheet. She commenced to tell him that during the night she had been awaken by someone knocking on her front door by the time she got out of bed and opened the door no one was there. She said she saw what appeared to be a man in a suit walk out the front gate of her property. She said it didn't dawn on her at the time and she never did seen the man's face, but that now thinking about it the man was almost a perfect description from the back of her deceased husband and shes sure the suit she saw was identical to the one she had him buried in.


Recent Strange Occurrences At The Amityville House

Most of us have heard the story or seen the movie "The AmityVille Horror" about the experiences of George and Kathy Lutz being terrorized by what they said was a demonic presence in the house. After the Lutz's left the house it had changed hands a couple time to include the current owner Brian Wilson. For years nothing has been reported unusual about the house and the town of Amityville and the owners have looked down on the stories and the occasional visitors, who come by to look at and take pictures of the house. Well now it seems Brian Wilson has had some recent unpleasant occurrences in the house.

Police logs obtained through the freedom of information act has shown a spike in the last 6 months in calls from the house to 911 by Brain Wilson. A police report obtained details how Mr. Wilson returned home to 108 Ocean Avenue (the house's original address of 112 Ocean Avenue was changed a few years back because of onlookers) find both his dogs dead inside the house. This is the actual statement taken from Mr. Wilson and entered into the report.

"I came home from a weekend away visiting some friends to find both my dogs dead. One was in the front foyer and the other was on the upstairs landing. Not only were they dead but the manner in which I found their bodies was strange to say the least. Both dogs bodies were desiccated (complete dried out) and stuck to the floor. They looked like they had been dead there for years or something. After the officers took pictures I had to actually pry the bodies off the wood floor and carpet with a shovel."

Other 911 tapes made recently confirms that since the incident with the death of his dogs Mr. Wilson has experienced occurrences from voices heard to objects flying across the room. In one tape he is clearly heard to state.

"My god I never though any of this was true! Please get someone out here as fast as you can!"

No one will confirm the rumors, but it is said that Mr. Wilson has now left the residence and the town of Amityville has secretly purchased the house from him and have plans to tear it down. Attempts to get the photos taken by the police concerning the dead dogs have all failed.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Military Cover Up Of Strange Events At Hadron Collider

The official news we all received from the CERN laboratory about the giant Hadron Collider mishap last month, was that there had been a helium leak and the collider needed to be taken off line until the spring sometime. But now there are some disturbing reports filtering out that much more happened than is being told. A source asking to not be identified has came forth with reports of what actually happened last month on the 19th when the initial power up of the collider took place.

“That morning everything was going according to schedule. The collider at 17 miles long takes a long time to power up all its components. We were about a quarter of the way through when we started receiving some strange readings in a certain section of the tunnel. When we checked the security cameras for that area we saw what appeared to be a shimmering field of some sort and it seemed to be moving on its own. Firefighters suited up and headed towards the area, when they arrived they described the field as looking something like fire in a zero gravity environment. The firefighters also stated there was a definite static electrical charge in the air and a smell something like burning sulfur. The weirdest thing was the report that the field seemed to be moving on its own as if it was examining certain components of the collider in that area. While all this was happening we continued to monitor the situation on the security cameras. Two firefighters approached the anomaly with extinguishers, the field seemed to sense their approach and almost instantly expanded to engulf them, and they just disappeared! It was like watching one of those science fiction shows where people step through some sort of portal except in this case the portal engulfed the two men. After that all hell broke loose the remaining personnel in that area began to withdraw. In the next couple hours calls were made while we continued to watch this thing from the security feeds. Before I knew it Swiss military was on site and within eighteen hours we had French and UK military there locking everything down. At that point only the top scientific personnel remained and the rest of us were escorted out of there.”

The source has said that the military as far as he knows is still in charge of the scene and the 17 mile long Hadron Collider is still totally locked down. He went on to say that when he was escorted from the scene the anomaly was still present and as far as he knows it still is and the two firefighters are still missing. “I can tell you the official news reports about why the collider was shut down is a total cover up at this point. I don't know whats happening in there right now, but it's big and the military is very interested!” the source said.