Thursday, June 18, 2015

Knocking Sounds Reported From Inside The USS Arizona

On May 24th, 2015 First Mate James Caroll of the USN was diving on the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor after reports of excessive oil leaking from the Wreck. Upon returning to the surface he was helped out of the water. His comrades account was that he was shaking all over and after removing him from his Navy diving suit it was said that he was white as a sheet and vomited all over the deck. When asked about his unusual state he made this statement.

"I was checking the starboard bow section of the ship for the source of oil and found that a known smaller leak had ruptured even further from the rusted sides of the hulk. I was taking some measurements and readings from the leak and thats when I heard it. A knocking sound like metal on metal. I couldn't figure out what it was so I traced to source of the knocks 30' down the starboard side. At first I thought it was maybe water lapping against the insides of the wreck. Then I heard very faint but distinctive voices or cries from within. sounded like help us. I can't explain it but I swear theres someone down there."

After his account First Mate Caroll was taken off active dive status and has not returned to his duties. When I questioned the Navy about the incident, they seemed to grow agitated very quickly and asked me to leave. I have since interviewed 3 other divers from his unit, which asked to remain anonymous, and all said that after the incident Caroll wasn't taken serious, yet all 3 have done dives on the Arizona to patch up the leak and said they heard the exact same thing he reported. None of them said they reported the unusual sounds after they saw what had happened to him.

 After the leak was patched the Navy withdrew all diving personnel from the wreck and have placed restrictions on diving the wreck even for inspection purposes.

I did some research into Navy documents from the time right after the attack on Pearl harbor and found that other Navy personnel, from the time during which most of the above water structure was being cleared, claimed to have similar experiences in that same area. When a female sailor, who was in charge of the archives, saw what I was researching, I was promptly asked to leave the archives and was escorted off the base.