Saturday, August 27, 2016

The "Demon Bell" Resurfaces

After nearly 800 years the legendary "Demon Bell" has resurfaced. In the 13th century dark monks known as "Qui Lon", or demon monks, were said to have forged a bell of enormous proportions then without ever ringing it once buried it in the depths of the earth. The "Qui Lon" and the "Qui fong", or monks of light and dark, waged war upon each other since the 11th century. The legend states that coming close to defeat the "Qui Lon" forged the bell at the behest of "Fou Jou", which is the equivalent of Christianity's Satin. "Fou Jou" ordered the dark monks to bury the bell in a tomb at least 400 feet down to ensure that it would only be found at a specific time in the far future. Its said the very first time the bell rings it will open the portals of Hell releasing it's minions (demons), and marking the end of times.

It has only been a tale of legends until last year when Chinese excavators working in secret from Chinese manuscripts were said to have located the bell more than 4oo feet below the Earth's surface in India exactly as the legend stated. Using the same type of tunnel boring machines used to carve out the tunnel under the English channel that connects England and France, the Chinese hit the purported tomb of the "Demon Bell."

Although Chinese officials are being very secretive, the above photo was snapped by an anonymous worker, and it was stated that the bell was encased in liquid foam for its removal and trip to mainland China. Its also said that workers are made to wear foam head gear, specialized clothing, and padded foot wear. It seems the Chinese are "VERY" concerned about any accidental chiming of the bell.


Saturday, July 30, 2016

Axe Murder Of Five Hikers Blamed on The Goatman

Last weekend Maryland State troopers were called in to investigate a murder scene of five hikers in Beltsville, Maryland. Residents woke up to find their small town over ran with scores of State police and detectives going from door to door interviewing people. Although they were being very tight lipped, at the time, about what had happened, it was apparent to locals from the line of questioning, that the infamous axe wielding Goatman has once again has left a bloody path of murder through the woods that border Fletchertown Road.

When a PR spokesman for the Maryland State Police, at a police news conference, finally released information, it was stated that five hikers were found murdered along the infamous Fletchertown Road and surrounding woods. When pursued for information further, he did say that the murders appeared to be from an axe wielding assailant. When the subject of the Goatman was brought up, he looked distressed and acknowledged that the only tracks found in the area were of some animal hooves similar to a goat. When tracking dogs were brought in to the scene, accounts by the K9 officer, the dogs handler, were that the dogs seemed to be terrified and were completely useless, and almost had to be dragged around the scene.

The spokesman also was quoted as saying, "Were still in our initial investigation of the crime but you can be sure, no matter who the assailant is, they will be brought to justice." He went on to say, its possible that the Maryland State National Guard would be brought in soon to canvas the whole area and that all residents should stay in their homes for now.

Further investigations on "The Goatman of Maryland" shows a few different variations of the legend. Barry Pearson of the University of Maryland, when interviewed, said that the lore surrounding the Goatman is very old and includes everything from a hermit that walks the desolate Fletchertown Road area, to DNA experiments by the government that went very bad, and are attributed by locals, to at least 4 different unsolved murders since 1963. Mr. Pearson also acknowledged that the reports are very similar to reports from Kentucky of a Goatman that is known to roam the area around the Pope Lick Trestle instigating the nickname "The Pope Lick Monster" which is said to be responsible for the hacking death of a woman who was investigating recent sightings in the area, and other events that date back decades.


Monday, July 25, 2016

Ghost Liner S.S Baychimo Adrift For Almost A Century

A passenger liner from the early 1900s that was abandoned and thought to be sunk after being adrift for decades has once again been sighted.

The Story of the S.S Baychimo starts in 1914 being built in Sweden and owned by the Hudson's Bay Company for passenger and cargo transportation near Alaska in the Artic began the strangest leg of its journey on October 1st, 1931. After being abandoned by the captain and crew once it was stuck in the ice packs off Barrow, Alaska, it was thought she had broken up and sank. But in the decades to come she would be sighted and boarded. In March of 1933 a group of Eskimos were trapped aboard her as they sheltered a freak blizzard. The last sighting of the S.S Baychimo was in 1969 38 years after she was abandoned. Since this time, and with no known sightings in decades, it was thought she had finally broken up and sank.

On January 21st 2016 the crew of the oil vessel "Artic Winsor" sighted her once more peacefully drifting at a distance of 36 miles away. As they got closer to her, as with numerous past accounts, bad weather set in and they could do nothing more than positively identify her from a distance and move on leaving the derelict to continue her ghostly voyage. One crew member who continued to watch her until they were too far away had this to say.

"While keeping an eye on the ship from a safe distance I could swear I saw figures moving on deck. I handed the binoculars to another shipmate and he said he didn't see anything, so I looked again and the figures were gone. I know it's not possible for a derelict ships abandoned and unused for so long could actual house or be in use, so I'm not sure what I saw."

He seemed fairly shook up as with most sailors that are highly superstitious of strange sightings at sea. It is hard to believe that a vessel nearly 100 years old, frozen and released many times since from the ice packs of the Artic, could survive this long. The captain of the "Artic Winsor" did radio the US Coast Guard about the sighting and when they arrived in the vicinity they reported finding nothing.


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Knocking Sounds Reported From Inside The USS Arizona

On May 24th, 2015 First Mate James Caroll of the USN was diving on the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor after reports of excessive oil leaking from the Wreck. Upon returning to the surface he was helped out of the water. His comrades account was that he was shaking all over and after removing him from his Navy diving suit it was said that he was white as a sheet and vomited all over the deck. When asked about his unusual state he made this statement.

"I was checking the starboard bow section of the ship for the source of oil and found that a known smaller leak had ruptured even further from the rusted sides of the hulk. I was taking some measurements and readings from the leak and thats when I heard it. A knocking sound like metal on metal. I couldn't figure out what it was so I traced to source of the knocks 30' down the starboard side. At first I thought it was maybe water lapping against the insides of the wreck. Then I heard very faint but distinctive voices or cries from within. sounded like help us. I can't explain it but I swear theres someone down there."

After his account First Mate Caroll was taken off active dive status and has not returned to his duties. When I questioned the Navy about the incident, they seemed to grow agitated very quickly and asked me to leave. I have since interviewed 3 other divers from his unit, which asked to remain anonymous, and all said that after the incident Caroll wasn't taken serious, yet all 3 have done dives on the Arizona to patch up the leak and said they heard the exact same thing he reported. None of them said they reported the unusual sounds after they saw what had happened to him.

 After the leak was patched the Navy withdrew all diving personnel from the wreck and have placed restrictions on diving the wreck even for inspection purposes.

I did some research into Navy documents from the time right after the attack on Pearl harbor and found that other Navy personnel, from the time during which most of the above water structure was being cleared, claimed to have similar experiences in that same area. When a female sailor, who was in charge of the archives, saw what I was researching, I was promptly asked to leave the archives and was escorted off the base.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Preserved Nazi Corpse Discovered At Sea

A fishing trawler's nets, in the frigid North Atlantic, has came up with more than just fish it seems. When the main nets were hoisted aboard the ship “Blue Gull”, the crewmen discovered something about six feet long and bright red, a source said. “At first all I saw was something red and oblong” Daniel Prish said. “I told the others to go slow and open the net gently. What I saw astonished me. A Nazi swastika emblazoned on a bright red flag was staring at me. The first thing I thought was how pristine, and in perfect condition it looked. When I went to grab it I could tell right away what it was. It was obvious at that point that it was a body.”

Prish went on to describe how they carefully unwrapped the the 65 year old Nazi flag and found the corpse of a Nazi sailor who had been buried at sea with full honors. Reports from various fisherman on board said it was perfectly preserved by the frigid water of the North Atlantic. Josh Campbell reported that it looked like it had been wrapped and thrown into the ocean the day before. The corpse was complete with uniform, medals, facial and scalp hair intact.

“It really creeped me out at first as the eyes were open and milky white staring right at me, and the skin had a grayish blue color to it” Campbell said.

The coast guard was called as per maritime law and the corpse and flag were all turned over to some very astonished servicemen. Its unclear at this point what happened to the body, and the Coast Guard isn't forth coming with any information as of yet about the incident except to confirm a body was retrieved from the fishing vessel “Blue Gull.”


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Michigan Dogman On The Prowl Once Again

It seems that the infamous, yet very elusive “Dogman” of Michigan is once again on the prowl within the Manistee National Forest, and the surrounding area. On the weekend of July 24th two separate accounts of sightings with Michigan's creature from folklore were reported to the state police. Mrs. Davis of Brethren, MI., who has a farm on the northwest outskirts of the National Park, said she went to investigate her horses and other livestock making a ruckus when she walked around the corner of her barn and came face to face with the creature. She described the beast as on all fours sniffing near the barn entrance when she first spotted it. Mrs. Davis has quoted the following account.

“I was less than 30' from it when it saw me and stood up on its hinds legs. It must have been at least 7' tall, covered in long shaggy hair, and a long snout for a face. It looked right at me and snarled. I had this strange sense that it was smiling at me. I instinctively shined my flashlight on it and its eyes reflected like burning red coals. It cocked it's head at me came down on all four legs again and hit the nearby brush at a run so fast it was gone in like one second.”

When Mrs. Davis was asked why she didn't run when she first saw the creature she said her father had known of the Dogman and also had an experience. She remembered him once telling her never to run from it, to stand her ground and it would most likely leave. If advanced upon she was to slowly back away. “My dad was a very smart man and knew the forest around here well. I knew well enough to trust his advice” she said. The second accounted sighting was near Custer, MI. just west of Brethren and the couple who sighted it while hiking were so traumatized by their encounter that the only real information the police could get was that they were sure there was more than one.

The Dogman, or even Dogmen are Michigan's version of werewolfs. Its unclear how they became known as Dogman. After some research I found some theories that the Michigan Dogman could possibly be related to the infamous native American Indian warriors of the same title. The theory states that these Indian warriors, known to native American's as “Skinwalkers” were capable of shape shifting. Some even go so far as to claim they may even be the same warriors of the 1830's as not only do they shape shift but they are also ageless.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Small Michigan Community Traumatized

The disappearance of 3 children in the small community of Edmore, Michigan has the towns people locking doors and barring windows this Christmas. A large patch of blood was discovered about 200 yards into the woods behind the house of the 3 missing children, leading some to believe that a creature from local folklore has returned.

When asked a local police officer Ted Dokes stated that in the past 200 years the area had a reoccurring history of children who have came up missing during the week before Christmas under mysterious circumstances.

As I write this story I will admit having difficulty finding information about these events until I was directed to a local elderly man who over the last 76 years had accumulated a file with local records dating back to 1819. Paul Withrow, 92, a local life resident of the Edmore area show me a file of 5 separate written accounts of children gone missing from the area during the week before Christmas in 1971, 1933, 1895, 1857, and 1819. The 1971 and 1933 events were recorded in local law enforcement records. The events prior to 1933 were hand recorded in local historical documents, and none of the criminal events were ever solved.

The 1819 and 1857 records described 3 eye witness accounts of children being dragged away by a small “Foul” looking creature called by the locals as the “Christmas Chrylt.” The only reference in a search for the term “Chrylt” showed a very obscure Korean definition as “christian evil.” There are records of a Korean family that had immigrated to the area in 1806, but its unclear if the term originated from that family.

Another strange fact that came to me as I looked over the documents in Mr. Withrow's home was that there is exactly 38 years between the dates for these past events. This seemed to come as a shock to Mr. Withrow and Officer Dokes. It seems they had never noticed this before.

What ever seems to be happening in this small Michigan community it has them all extremely scared. Mr. Withrow says he clearly remembers the 1971 and 1933 events and its exactly the same. The town is almost completely barricaded inside their houses waiting the holidays to be over. Officer Dokes has said they have called in State Police to help in the investigation and hopes to get to to the bottom of these crimes.