Saturday, August 27, 2016

The "Demon Bell" Resurfaces

After nearly 800 years the legendary "Demon Bell" has resurfaced. In the 13th century dark monks known as "Qui Lon", or demon monks, were said to have forged a bell of enormous proportions then without ever ringing it once buried it in the depths of the earth. The "Qui Lon" and the "Qui fong", or monks of light and dark, waged war upon each other since the 11th century. The legend states that coming close to defeat the "Qui Lon" forged the bell at the behest of "Fou Jou", which is the equivalent of Christianity's Satin. "Fou Jou" ordered the dark monks to bury the bell in a tomb at least 400 feet down to ensure that it would only be found at a specific time in the far future. Its said the very first time the bell rings it will open the portals of Hell releasing it's minions (demons), and marking the end of times.

It has only been a tale of legends until last year when Chinese excavators working in secret from Chinese manuscripts were said to have located the bell more than 4oo feet below the Earth's surface in India exactly as the legend stated. Using the same type of tunnel boring machines used to carve out the tunnel under the English channel that connects England and France, the Chinese hit the purported tomb of the "Demon Bell."

Although Chinese officials are being very secretive, the above photo was snapped by an anonymous worker, and it was stated that the bell was encased in liquid foam for its removal and trip to mainland China. Its also said that workers are made to wear foam head gear, specialized clothing, and padded foot wear. It seems the Chinese are "VERY" concerned about any accidental chiming of the bell.


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