Monday, December 21, 2009

Small Michigan Community Traumatized

The disappearance of 3 children in the small community of Edmore, Michigan has the towns people locking doors and barring windows this Christmas. A large patch of blood was discovered about 200 yards into the woods behind the house of the 3 missing children, leading some to believe that a creature from local folklore has returned.

When asked a local police officer Ted Dokes stated that in the past 200 years the area had a reoccurring history of children who have came up missing during the week before Christmas under mysterious circumstances.

As I write this story I will admit having difficulty finding information about these events until I was directed to a local elderly man who over the last 76 years had accumulated a file with local records dating back to 1819. Paul Withrow, 92, a local life resident of the Edmore area show me a file of 5 separate written accounts of children gone missing from the area during the week before Christmas in 1971, 1933, 1895, 1857, and 1819. The 1971 and 1933 events were recorded in local law enforcement records. The events prior to 1933 were hand recorded in local historical documents, and none of the criminal events were ever solved.

The 1819 and 1857 records described 3 eye witness accounts of children being dragged away by a small “Foul” looking creature called by the locals as the “Christmas Chrylt.” The only reference in a search for the term “Chrylt” showed a very obscure Korean definition as “christian evil.” There are records of a Korean family that had immigrated to the area in 1806, but its unclear if the term originated from that family.

Another strange fact that came to me as I looked over the documents in Mr. Withrow's home was that there is exactly 38 years between the dates for these past events. This seemed to come as a shock to Mr. Withrow and Officer Dokes. It seems they had never noticed this before.

What ever seems to be happening in this small Michigan community it has them all extremely scared. Mr. Withrow says he clearly remembers the 1971 and 1933 events and its exactly the same. The town is almost completely barricaded inside their houses waiting the holidays to be over. Officer Dokes has said they have called in State Police to help in the investigation and hopes to get to to the bottom of these crimes.


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